Scrum Maister

Award-winning AI-powered assistant for Jira that gives you all tools you need to develop more, develop better and with less stress! From Kanban to SAFe, from small teams to large organizations - SM integrates into all stages of development work and automates the most boring and important checks and activities of Agile development.

Get Maister working in your Jira in 5 minutes!

Scrum Maister is fully integrated into your dev lifecycle

It helps your teams before starting work, during the work an after it is done - to make it even more efficient the next time.

Grand Prize winner
in Atlassian Codegeist 2020 app competition

Scrum Maister was awareded the first place in Atlassian Codegeist 2020 hackathon in the category Jira Forge apps.


Scrum Maister is packed with intelligent features that assist teams at every step of their Agile development work!
The application is designed with security at its core - no data leaves your Jira Cloud and all data processing is done on your end, unless explicitly actviated.

Break down team work with Machine Learning!

AI helps you write great descriptions and enable collaboration
The text is analysed by a deep learning model which generates improved description that maximizes perception score and is better understood by team members!

In addition, performs 20+ configurable health checks for all tasks, epics and bugs.
Your teams will never work with the half-baked backlogs anymore!

Spot blockers, roadbumps and bad atittude in work

Scrum Maister knows first if the team is struggling!
Its automated configurable sensors are always tuned to follow the issue progression dynamics and spot scope creep, external dependencies, lack of communication, negative discussions and other issues!

Use Scrum Maister smart risk dashboard for spotting and acting on these findings early can save hours or days of team's work.

Superpower your retrospectives with AI-generated recommendations

Scrum Maister participates in daily work, spots and remembers all opportunities for making things better.
Retrospectives are Maister's bread and butter - it is always ready to share and help teams improve!

Keep track of your team daily mood, energy and delivery confidence

SM provides built-in polling app that allows team members to express their current mood.
The vote results are reset daily and are summarized in th Project Daily dahsboard - follow your team's state of mind and build a healthy work balance!

Built-in Definition of Done

Scrum Maister provides Definition of Done configurable per issue type in the project that are easy to set up, realiable and efficient.

No need to buy additional plugin - it is part of Scrum Maister, and integrated with built-in checks! Easy as 1-2-3!

Visualize your blockers

Issues often block each other and disturb work dynamics and flow - but no more, get a better grip over the blockers in your projects with Scrum Maister blockers analytics!

Pricing simple, unlike our machine learning models.

Scrum Maister uses the next-gen Jira apps framework Forge and can be installed and ready to use in a few clicks.

Jira Cloud

$1 / user / month or less!

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • AI issues breakdown
  • Sprint analytics
  • AI retro recommendations
  • Priority support and help

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Our mission is to help all teams using Scrum Maister become efficient and fall in love with Agile development practices.

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