Whistle Willow

All-in-one whistleblowing and anonymous tipping solution implemented and operating entirely in Jira or Confluence

Enjoy one-click install and 30-day free trial


Get live and compliant with EU whistleblower Protection directive in less than 5 minutes.

All you need for whistleblowing program - right where you need it!

Whistle Willow is a secure by design and quickest to implement solution for whistleblowing.
No data ever leaves Atlassian ecosystem, and your ogranization benefits from existing Jira or Confluence confguration, user management and product security.


Mindblowingly quick to implement, simple and easy-to-use, secure by design - all-in app working in Jira or Confluence Cloud!

Receive untraceable tips submitted with no fear

Important for the organisation success, this solution gives your employees a secure and trusted channel for raising their issues, concerns, and whistleblowing tips with complete anonymity! Reporters identity is protected with zero-trace submissions, encrypted tips, randomized submission times.

Kick-off Compliance team that reviews and acts on tips

Use Atlassian built-in user management system and identities to assemble your Compliance team and grant them access to reports. They will be able to perform the submission review, update the status and communicate back with the reporters without risk to reveal whistleblower identity. All actions of the team are auditable and exportable.

Get compliant with EU directive on whistleblowing protection in less than 5 minutes

From December 17th 2021, organizations larger than 250 people need to provide them a secure channel for submitting whistleblowing tips.
Whistle Willow allows your company to satisfy all requirements of the Directive and seamlessly integrate it into existing Atlassian products with just a few clicks.


...is simple with no hidden charges. All transactions are done via Atlassian Marketplace.
The app can be purchased in one click, includes fully functional 30-day trial and can be cancelled at any time.

Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud

$0.50 / user / month or less!

  • Unlimited number of reporters
  • Compliance team of any size
  • No cap on reports and status updates
  • Dedicated support

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Our mission is to provide a secure and safe space for whistleblowers which can help companies improve and fix repored issues.

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